Sunday, February 28, 2010

one of my many likes.

antique stores. went to one on saturday and looked around at all the knick-knack-patty-wacks.

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black and white doll.
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whitney with the butter churner.
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these glasses make your eyes look ginormous. haha.
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Friday, February 26, 2010

on top of the world.

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be more concerned with your character than with your reputation. your character is what you really are while your reputation is merely what others think you are.

and don't forget;
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the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

thank you john wooden, and martin luther king jr.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

every once in a while...

those days come along where you just wake up feeling good.
you wake up to your radio alarm clock with a live version of "into your arms" by the maine coming through the speakers. instead of hitting the snooze button, you keep it on to listen to the full song. then as you get up and get ready for school, you're singing the song as loud as you can. when you get to your first class, the cute guy sits next to you and asks you to be his partner for the peer review. in your second class, you make up a hilarious news story and can't stop laughing as your group reads it to the class. when you walk around looking for a place to do homework, you notice the comfortable seat by the tall window is empty. heck yes. your third and fourth classes are totally full of laughter too. after school, your mom greets you with a delicious maple krispy creme doughnut. you then go home and watch the episode of american idol you missed last night, and your favorite singer on the show sings your favorite beatles song. really good.

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it's just one of them good days.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

war dance.

so this weekend i had to choose a documentary to watch for my english class.
i chose this one.
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war dance is about children who are stuck in refugee camps in africa. most of their loved ones were taken and killed, leaving them as orphans. these kids had to go through so much, and you wouldn't even fully understand unless you watched it. sooo sad.
but they are amazing dancers.
they make it to the national music festival in africa, and it's such an epic story.

it's kind of a hard movie to find, but if you come across it- watch it.

and that is my advertisement for the day hahah.

Friday, February 19, 2010


snow, why did you have to come back today? the weather was so nice these last couple weeks. hooray for bi-polar utah weather.
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oh well. happy friday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

last night my friend whitney called me, and we seriously spent 45 minutes talking on the phone about old memories in our english class last year.

first off, we talked about the time we were having a popcorn party in class. one of the nerdiest kids in our class was taking forever to pop his popcorn in the microwave. so whitney whispered "i can't wait any longer!" and pushed the stop button on the microwave. she ran to her desk and me and madi ran after her bursting with laughter. the kid turned around super fast and was like "its done already?"

then we talked about the time i rolled up a bunch of little paper balls and wrote a note that said "dear whitney, here is your ammo. you know what to do." and i put the note and the paper wads on her desk. then whitney starting throwing the paper "ammo" at the nerdy boys, and she'd duck everytime she threw one. and me and madi would be laughing so they'd think it was us, not whitney. bahahaha. are we immature or what?

and i mustn't forget how everyday in english i'd have to hand whitney a book to read, because she'd always forget hers. and everytime i gave her the same book. zane grey. so about halfway through the year our teacher said to the class "okay, you all need to remember to start bringing your books to class. i'm not sure how many times whitney's started reading the book "zane grey"..." HAHA.

then there was the time at the end of the school year when we had to give reports/presentations on careers. i was up in the front of the class doing my presentation on how i want to be a weather woman. then at the end it was time for the class to ask me questions.
madi: "what are you going to wear when its rainy?"
me: "a rainhat and raincoat."
teacher: "what are you going to wear when it's hot and sunny?"
me: "nothing."

hahahaha. all these funny memories are what makes me miss high school. even though i don't really miss it much at all. sorry to bore you, i just realized last night how much i love these memories :) let the goooood times roll.

english. (so boring)
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woodshop. (we were very productive)
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guitar. (madi being punished for not bringing her guitar to class)
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Monday, February 15, 2010

savers sale!

today was the annual president's day/50% off day at savers. buy secondhand clothing for half the price! (woot woot) there were so many awesome things.
look what i got, all for 9 dollars.

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i heart savers.
happy president's day.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


happy love day to all you wonderful people out there.
valentine's day isn't just for those who have significant others. it's a day of love. love comes in all different shapes and forms and it's for everyone and anyone. tell your mom, dad, brother, cat, neighbor, teacher (okay that might be weird), co-workers, and anyone else that's important to you that you love them. let them know they mean something in your life.

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i appreciate those who take the time to look at my blog every now and then. it means a lot :)
happy LOVE day everyone.

Friday, February 12, 2010


today was a slightly embarrassing day. me and alexis were filming our not-so-hilarious youtube show Breakroom Breakout today at work. we started this show (along with madi, brynne, and aubray) about a year and a half ago. and today we decided we should film our last breakroom breakout ever, since i'm putting my two weeks notice in (finally!) pretty soon. so i was filming alexis, and she was showing the camera the wonderful breakroom sinks. right at that moment, our supervisor walked in and got us in trouble.
supervisor: what are you guys doing?
me: nothing..
supervisor: you need to tell me when you're going on break.
alex: sorry..
me: we're filming breakroom breakout.
supervisor: oh okay! how much more time do you need?
haha. she was totally cool with it once we mentioned the words breakroom breakout.
but then... things got worse.
we decided to film me dancing on the counter. right when i got up and started dancing, a new lady that works with us walked in.
lady: taking pictures in the breakroom?
me: yeah.. uhh... we do it all the time!

it was humiliating. but so so funny. i'll have to post the video on here once i get it put together. in the meantime, check out our old episodes here!

oh, and this is ren hiding from me after i gave him a bath today.
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he didn't enjoy it very much.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

slug bug turquoise!

on madi's behalf, i am posting a turquoise slug bug!
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there's an old game where whenever you see an old slug bug you're supposed to punch the person next to you and say "slug bug (insert color here)!"
did you ever play it as a kid? i enjoyed that game. very much. along with "slug bug what color?!?!"

anyways, madi started a blogging game. all you need to do is post a picture of an old slug bug and make your title "slug bug ____!" then start punching as many blogs as you can :)

p.s. new episode of project runway and america's best dance crew tonight. eeeep, i look forward to thursday nights.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

pet peeve.

warning: this post may offend you if you are a minivan-driving mom in utah.
but honestly, i cannot stand these stick figure family car decals. they're one of my biggest pet peeves.
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first off, they're stupid.
second off, they're gay.
third off, why in the world would you put your kids names on your car? its gonna make it a whole lot easier for the kidnappers, when they go calling your kids names in the playground.

i think i'll get a sticker that says "if i see one more stick figure family, i'll throw up on your car."

what's your biggest pet peeve?

Monday, February 8, 2010


i was wandering around UVU's campus today, and ended up in a big stairwell. this was when i was about halfway down.
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i should've taken the elevator.

anywho. you know those moments where you're sitting in class and you think about something that happened yesterday? and you just can't stop laughing no matter how hard you try?
well, i had that moment about ten different times today. everyone around me was probably thinking:
what the heck is she laughing at?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

last night i went and saw dear john.
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it is so good. good times a million. but i pretty much bawled my eyes out during it. if you liked the notebook, you'll definitely like it. GO SEE IT.

and also, i really want one of these.
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pot-bellied pigs are soooo cute. i've been reading about how to take care of them, and i guess it's really hard. people get them as pets and then can't handle them anymore so they send them to a "pound for pigs" kinda place. i will adopt one someday :) i can't get over how cute they are!
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

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i got my first car yesterday.
i am officially a woman.
i am so happy.
i can drive myself wherever the heck i want to.
in my good ol' 1997 ford taurus.
thank you attractive guy at the car place.
i really appreciate it.

p.s. he left one of his cassette tapes in the car. maybe i should take it back to him to be nice. or maybe i should take it back to him so i can see him again ;)

Monday, February 1, 2010

you are looking rather splendid this evening.

i used to find this sooo funny. now i mostly just find it extremely creepy.

ahh heck, who am i kidding. it's still funny. hahaha.

i remember looking up the guy who invented these, (david firth), and thinking he looked kinda creepy. i guess he's pretty creative though. in a.. weird sort of way.