Wednesday, February 17, 2010

last night my friend whitney called me, and we seriously spent 45 minutes talking on the phone about old memories in our english class last year.

first off, we talked about the time we were having a popcorn party in class. one of the nerdiest kids in our class was taking forever to pop his popcorn in the microwave. so whitney whispered "i can't wait any longer!" and pushed the stop button on the microwave. she ran to her desk and me and madi ran after her bursting with laughter. the kid turned around super fast and was like "its done already?"

then we talked about the time i rolled up a bunch of little paper balls and wrote a note that said "dear whitney, here is your ammo. you know what to do." and i put the note and the paper wads on her desk. then whitney starting throwing the paper "ammo" at the nerdy boys, and she'd duck everytime she threw one. and me and madi would be laughing so they'd think it was us, not whitney. bahahaha. are we immature or what?

and i mustn't forget how everyday in english i'd have to hand whitney a book to read, because she'd always forget hers. and everytime i gave her the same book. zane grey. so about halfway through the year our teacher said to the class "okay, you all need to remember to start bringing your books to class. i'm not sure how many times whitney's started reading the book "zane grey"..." HAHA.

then there was the time at the end of the school year when we had to give reports/presentations on careers. i was up in the front of the class doing my presentation on how i want to be a weather woman. then at the end it was time for the class to ask me questions.
madi: "what are you going to wear when its rainy?"
me: "a rainhat and raincoat."
teacher: "what are you going to wear when it's hot and sunny?"
me: "nothing."

hahahaha. all these funny memories are what makes me miss high school. even though i don't really miss it much at all. sorry to bore you, i just realized last night how much i love these memories :) let the goooood times roll.

english. (so boring)
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woodshop. (we were very productive)
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guitar. (madi being punished for not bringing her guitar to class)
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Tuesdai Noelle said...

Haha! Though, English was my favorite subject, I didn't have HALD of much fun as you guys. All I can remember is; Essays w/ creative writing, a hunched over teacher with stringy hair, and listening to my headphones (I was good for that) These are some real cute pic!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

LOL!, I liked your fill in the blank comment. That was cool haha.

Madi Rose said...

hahahah :') this made me laugh so hard. made me feel a little better. and thanks for your comment ad. and if your wondering i got my answer today on what i was wondering.. i hope you know what i mean. and it was what i figured.

Vanessa said...

Even though I had fun in high school, I soooo don't miss it. Haha.

Not gonna lie, when I started reading about the weather girl presentation, all I could think of was Mean Girls. Love that movie. Funny funny. What did your teacher respond with then? I would have been laughing too hard if I was the teacher.

Meg said...

this is toooo funny! reminds me of the year my best friend and i met in highschool. we were always trouble makers being the clas clowns. too funny.

7upkels said...

Hahaha. This makes me miss high school (just a tiny bit). Or at least the memories that were always so easy to be made!