Friday, February 12, 2010


today was a slightly embarrassing day. me and alexis were filming our not-so-hilarious youtube show Breakroom Breakout today at work. we started this show (along with madi, brynne, and aubray) about a year and a half ago. and today we decided we should film our last breakroom breakout ever, since i'm putting my two weeks notice in (finally!) pretty soon. so i was filming alexis, and she was showing the camera the wonderful breakroom sinks. right at that moment, our supervisor walked in and got us in trouble.
supervisor: what are you guys doing?
me: nothing..
supervisor: you need to tell me when you're going on break.
alex: sorry..
me: we're filming breakroom breakout.
supervisor: oh okay! how much more time do you need?
haha. she was totally cool with it once we mentioned the words breakroom breakout.
but then... things got worse.
we decided to film me dancing on the counter. right when i got up and started dancing, a new lady that works with us walked in.
lady: taking pictures in the breakroom?
me: yeah.. uhh... we do it all the time!

it was humiliating. but so so funny. i'll have to post the video on here once i get it put together. in the meantime, check out our old episodes here!

oh, and this is ren hiding from me after i gave him a bath today.
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he didn't enjoy it very much.


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Haha, oh....embarassing, but at least the supervisor was cool with it. I'll wait until you post that clip.....I hope the supervisor's part is in there too ha, just to see their expression.

adri. said...

bahaha. i got the part on camera where my supervisor walks in, but i didn't want to film her so i pointed the camera at my feet. you can still hear her though. soooo funny.