Saturday, February 6, 2010

last night i went and saw dear john.
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it is so good. good times a million. but i pretty much bawled my eyes out during it. if you liked the notebook, you'll definitely like it. GO SEE IT.

and also, i really want one of these.
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pot-bellied pigs are soooo cute. i've been reading about how to take care of them, and i guess it's really hard. people get them as pets and then can't handle them anymore so they send them to a "pound for pigs" kinda place. i will adopt one someday :) i can't get over how cute they are!
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Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey Adri :)

I figured it was going to be similar to "The Notebook" ::smiles:::, which I still haven't seen, smh. I'll have to check both out. And oh those pigglets are so adorable....they just look like you wanna fed and cuddle them to death :)! I think for today's movie, I might watch either Jurassic Park ha, Twister or Funny Face.....or maybe none....
who knows. Last Saturday, after you mentioned "Grease" I went straight to watch it, THEN I watched "Sister Act 2: back in the Habit". Hope your weekend is cool :)

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

I can't wait to see Dear John. I was suppose to go but then the heavens opened up and dumped an insane amount of snow, not allowing me to leave my house last night or today. Boo. Did you read the book? I threw it when I was done. I hope the movie is as good as the book!

Awww piggie!

Nitin said...

the notebook was a sweet story.. i wasn't a fan of love stories until i saw it. so i guess i'll try watching this one.. but then some love stories i can't stand. especially twilight.. i can't stand anything about it. i watched the first part and im still kicking myself for it. how i hate some love stories.
pigs are suppose to be one of the smartest animals around. so guess its cool if you did have it as a pet. domesticated pig sounds interesting :)

Shona said...

Aww, I think mini pigs are so adorable as well! I had a post on my blog with one because I just saw them the other day and absolutely want one as a pet.
You're best friend told me you also love pigs so thats how I've came across your blog :) good taste in erm, animals? Ha.