Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The truth is.. I don't know where I am. I don't know what things will be like in ten years, one year, or even one week. I'm a dreamer. I come up with goals and tasks and instantly want to complete them. I change my mind too often. I'm too softhearted with people who are mean. I give everyone a chance, a second chance, and sometimes even a third chance. I get myself into weird and awkward situations. I'm hopeful. I wish I could read minds, because for some reason that seems like the answer to everything. I feel like I'm being smart when I overanalyze things. Then I realize I'm being stupid. Sometimes I don't use good judgement, because I don't like to judge. And that creates another crazy situation.

But the thing is.. I know where I want to go. I'm dreaming of things that bring me happiness, dreams that are realistic. My mind runs a million miles an hour, but if it didn't I would be worried. I love thinking about earth, and people, and life. I don't care if people judge me. It makes me like my viewpoints on life even more. I give out too many chances, but if I didn't I'd be living a cautious life. And what's the fun in that? Life's just a big ol' inside joke anyway, right?