Thursday, April 28, 2011


It's kind of hard to explain the feeling of numbness.
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You just feel.. there. But not really there.
Just a band-aid stuck to your skin, without pulling it off or even touching it.
But for me, the numbness comes after I rip the band-aid off.
Once I've torn it off, that's when the unexplainable

NUMB comes in.

But I like this feeling, for the moment.
Sometimes it makes things more bearable, you know?
Like there is still hope in this sea of sameness.
Things will go on, because
life goes on.

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7upkels said...

i have a friend who is going through this "numb" feeling, and its really just to get through what she's going through, but you're right. life goes on, and thank heavens, thinks inevitably get better too.