Wednesday, November 18, 2009

sad, sad day.

monday night, we went to smiths to get our tickets for the all time low/friday night boys/hey monday/we the kings concert. turns out, all the tickets were gone and its sold out. no bueno. the concert is tonight, and it'll be starting in about an hour and fifteen minutes. :(

i sent a message to the friday night boys (who are my favorite out of the four bands) on monday, telling them how sad i was that it was sold out. they wrote back and said they were going to see what was up with their guestlist in utah, to see what they could do. that made me reeeeally happy. so i wrote back last night and asked what they were going to do, but they haven't read that message yet. sooo basically, i'm sitting here at my house while all these very fortunate people are going to be seeing four very great bands. oh shucks. there's always next time though.

this is the song i was most looking forward to hear:

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