Tuesday, November 17, 2009

dream big.

i had a reeeeally weird dream last night. and here is what happened...
so me and madi went back to the high school for some assembly. and we're sitting there, and the big film projector screen comes down. so i'm expecting a movie to come on or something, but no. my blog popped up on the screen! so everyone in the school was looking at my blog.. and i was like "NOOOO!" then, they took my blog off, and madi's popped up! madi was like "what the crap..." and the only thing on her blog were pictures from our california jonas concert two years ago. except the pictures were mostly just of me. it was really strange. she was only in like three pictures.

so, yeah. very weird dream.

but it gave me an amazing idea! i'm gonna do a new post pretty soon with pictures from all the jonas concerts i've been to :) so stay tuned foooools.

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