Sunday, November 22, 2009

i can honestly say i'm addicted to concerts.

a couple nights ago, me and madi went to the every avenue/white tie affair/stereo skyline concert. it was really a last minute thing. but it was amazing! i'm in love with every avenue, so it was really cool to see them play alot of their songs (instead of just one song, at warped tour haha). stereo skyline is also extremely good. i only knew 2 of the white tie affair's songs, but they were very good live! also good performers. i'm actually listening to some more of their songs right now. and runner runner was another band there, and they were very cool :)

so anyways, this was a really fun concert! we talked to runner runner's merch guy for a long time. he was cool, and there was definitely a love connection between him and madi ;) ha. i kinda freaked out the drummer of stereo skyline though, i think. we saw him walk into the bathroom, and i really wanted a picture with him. so we sat outside the bathroom waiting for him (or at least thats what it looked like) and when he came out i made a huge fool of myself and said "i'm not stalking you or waiting outside of the bathroom for you or anything, but can i get a picture with you?" something like that. he was probably thinking (freak alert). haha, just kidding, he was really nice :) i love his band. dave from every avenue was really sweet too.

i am going to marry someone in a band. its just destined to be that way.

here's some videos i took at the concert.

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