Wednesday, November 11, 2009

funky funky freshhh.

holy crap. i'm officially a huge ginormous slacker. i need to quit leaving yearly gaps between my blog posts. haha, i'm going to improve. starting now.
soo, its been a year.. and i'm pretty positive it would take the rest of my life to fill you in on everything that has happened since my last post. to sum it all up: pretty much everything has changed. its so crazy to look back to last year, because so much is different. remember how people told you "you won't even be friends with your friends when you get out of high school?" well yeah. i didn't believe it either. but its very very true. (in one case). i'm still friends with most of my friends, but then there's those few who i'm not even associated with now. but there's one simple explanation for that! people change. its just how it is, and you can't fight other people's battles.
there are going to be people who are worth your time, and people who aren't. the ones who are worth your time are the ones you should keep close with. and there is your advice for the day :) haha. so winter is coming up.
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i'm so excited to go sledding, and drink hot chocolate, and watch christmas movies. ahhh. christmastime is the greatest time of year! well, this is a pretty pointless blog post. but i needed to post SOMETHING. since its been freakin forever.

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