Tuesday, December 16, 2008

we're superstars.

well hello. so today we looked at the list for who made christmas idol and we were on it : ) i'm way suprised since tryouts were bloody sucky. alexis hit brynne in the face during the part where we do the can can. hahah but last years tryouts were bad and we still made it. so i guess we just get lucky. it'll be stellaaaaaa. here was us last year... i look like a friggin elf.

anywho. i've decided that step brothers is a hilarious movie, even though i've never seen it. my brofo just showed me a video clip from it and its the part where the family is singing in the car. its so dang hilllllllaaaaaarrrrrrious and i'm not even just saying that. go to youtube and search "step brothers - car singing" and you will see what i'm talking about.

andddd it snowed a bunch today. 9 days til christmas!

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