Thursday, November 12, 2009

if i could start again, it would never end.

first of all, pause my music player at the bottom of the page. and then listen to this song.
you're happy you listened to it, aren't you? :) i love push play. i'll
be seeing them december 16th. sooo excited! at the moment i'm
trying to get We Shot The Moon to do the show with them too. but
some people just don't realize that to get your music heard, you
need to start with opening for a bigger band. anyways... yeah. i'm
excited. and next wednesday is the all time low/hey monday/friday night boys/we the kings concert :) annnnd, december 4th is
rooney! ahh! so excited! but now i am just rambling.

so, yesterday my mom and i were randomly talking about sweat
for some reason. i honestly can't remember what brought it up..
but it was funny. and then we figured out something
really awesome. when you say, "its wet." the 's' in the word 'its'
kinda drags to the word 'wet'. so when you say it fast, its like
"itswet." can you hear the word 'sweat' in that? "itsweat"
haha. so we were wondering if thats how they made up the word
'sweat'. yeahh. if you know the answer to this, feel free to let me
know. hahaha.

i start my new job on monday. woot woot! i have my own name tag and everything.
daaaaaaang girl.

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madi. said...

i love this song!