Friday, May 25, 2007

Hey! So I haven't written on this for FOREVER long! Sorry about that...even though I'm pretty much just talking to myself cuz no one reads this! Well except Brynne and Madi...LOL. And anyone else who reads this You Are Amazing Cool! :D

So today me, madi, courtney, and ayshlyn went to the rezivore...woot! And so later on we are going to a 7 Peaks dance thing and then to a partay! woot again! It should be off the hizzy! Hopefully some hot babes will be there! lol :D

Today was the last day of I'm officially not a stupid lame sophmore anymore! lol I will miss the days of walking to Stone Drug and stuff...Anywhoosers I am very upset...because the love of my life...we will call him "DP" (that stands for Doctor Pepper..if u didnt know!) didnt sign my freaking yearbook! aw drats.

Well I think I may see him during the summer..but who knows!? I guess I'm gonna go now....BY THE WAY..I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS!!!! And I will be seeing them June 30 in Cali baby! Well adios!

Much love mi amigos,


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