Sunday, December 14, 2008

a year and a half later.

well the other day madi was talking to me and she brought up these blogs. she said "do you remember those old blogs we used to write in?" so today i decided to find my blog. there's nooooooooooooo way i would've remembered it was guitargooroo if madi didn't tell me. so here i am writing in this again after a year and a half. first off, i'd like to apologize for how annoying i was in those three old blogs. dang. its crazy to think that i was a wee little sophy when i wrote those. as for "DP", well.. i'm not so obsessive now. hahahaha. and as for the jonas brothers. i've met them. and have been to seven concerts. so i think i still totally love them ; ) i just watched marina's video of her at the maine's acoustic set. they are a radical band. and "ho ho hopefully" is their best song yet. its christmas-y! and christmas is only eleven days away : ) i am soooooo freaking stoked to get a new phone. welll i do not know what else to write. except for that christmas idol tryouts are tomorrow. last year we rocked, and this year will be even better! BOOYA GRANDMA. /adri.

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