Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I was just thinking.

It's all about finding positive in the negative.
So what, you've been screwed over? Instead of screwing others over, do something really special for someone. Show them you care.
So you've been hurt? When you see someone else get hurt, help them out.
If you have something to say, and then finally build up the courage to say it, only to end up getting made fun of.. just keep talking. Someone's listening to what you're saying, and someone agrees with you.
You were just the only one with enough guts to say it.
Remember when you made that huge mistake? Well, nobody else does. So move on, and learn from it. It's part of your story now. Your life story.
Get up, get out, and make stuff happen.

And leave your troubles behind.


chels. said...

I completely agree with you woman! It's something I'm working on :)

Vanessa said...

This is something I seriously need to work on. Thanks for posting this!

7upkels said...

Snap I needed to hear this. It's so true. My dad and I were having a conversation about this last week, and seriously, it's so hard - but it's so IMPORTANT to remember!

And YES I was in Jepsons Journalism class in high school!! Please tell me you took that pointless class too?? Was Trevor Randolf in it? Because I had the biggest ginormous crush on him, even though I was 3 feet taller :)

Vicky said...

perfect advice.