Friday, February 25, 2011

Dearest blogger inhabitants,

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I am seeking your advice. I may be taking my trip to Seattle sooner than expected :) but I will be going alone. Traveling on a plane for the first time in.. 14 years. I'll be staying with familiar faces just 20 minutes outside the city, so I'll most likely be taking a bus into the city every day. Is this a smart thing to do? Oh boy. Right now I'm just in the I-don't-even-care-how-spooky-it-is-I'm-going-to-Seattle mood. But is this smart? Will I be okay?! Haha.
Has anyone traveled alone before?


Vicky said...

Yes! Seattle's bus system is actually pretty awesome in general. So you will be fine. I mean there's a few routes that are kind os sketch (I was on one for about a year) but nothing ever happened. And if you're coming into the city, everyone who works here basically takes the bus because parking is so damn expensive. When I moved here I was pretty much all by myself, so I know exactly how you feel. But you'll be fine. Ok, enough rambling. But if you have anymore questions, feel free to ask me!

becky said...

that's awesome that you're going to your dreamland! whoop! i don't have any advice though. sorry. haha. i went to spokane once and got a really bad i guess you should wear sunscreen? haha. that's all i got for ya.

Vanessa said...

I've never traveled alone (besides from CO to home, flying alone) or been to Seattle but I hear good things about traveling alone. Just be smart and enjoy yourself. I will be jealous, just so you know. <3

7upkels said...

I've never been...but the only simple advice I have is please go see where Sleepless in Seattle where filmed. For me :) Have so much fun on your trip!