Monday, February 7, 2011


I realized 11 things today. Yes, 11.
1- Fruity Pebbles will probably always start my day off right.
2- Soup bowls are what make the superbowl worthwhile.
3- People talk to each other over facebook nowdays more than they talked during their three years of high school.
4- While I'm mentioning facebook, I realize I have an addiction to it, which I am not proud of.
5- I cannot go to my parents house without quoting Michael Scott, at least 18 times.
6- I cannot go to my parents house without calling my brothers gay, at least 1,800 times.
7- It's becoming unnormally normal to see cops at my apartment complex, and I still don't know why they keep showing up. What the crap?
8- It is possible for procrastination to get worse.
9- The freeway is my friend on Sundays.
10- Anime. Weird? Yes. Lame? Yes. Do I kinda like it? Yes.
11- Come on man, this is real life.


7upkels said...

Soup bowls for the superbowl?! Oh my gosh I love this idea more than life itself!!!

The Kid In The Front Row said...

I'm having the weekend away from Facebook. You should join me!