Monday, April 26, 2010

reasons to be happy.

1) first semester of college is done.
2) summer is basically at my fingertips.
3) today was "wear an unusually large bow or flower in your hair" day. haha.
4) momma's peanut butter bars.
5) new ipod on my doorstep this week.
6) the fact that the backstreet boys are coming to concert this summer.
7) doing headstands before your homework helps you think clearer.
8) discovered some great new music.
9) eating breakfast at midnight is the best.
10) no work til thursday.

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i'm smiling.


Vanessa said...

I'm completely jealous you are already done for the semester. I'm still struggling through the last few weeks here. YAY for summer almost being here! BSB is going to be in concert? I'd totally go. & I love new music too. It's my fav!

Shona said...

I am so jealous pf Backstreet Boys! Interview went okay I think.. we shall seee :) keep smiling beautiful girl.

Nitin said...

you are such a boy band kinda girl :P.. i use to dig em for a while when i was in school :P.. lols. and the new pic is really neat. and yai for peanut butter and that ipod.. have a sunny week ahead :)