Sunday, April 18, 2010

i look up to you.

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The folks I admire
come from all different places.
They don't have famous names
or familiar faces.

They're not Hollywood stars
on the big silver screen,
so you won't see them smiling
in a slick magazine.

They don't live in big mansions
or drive fancy cars.
Their faces are weathered;
you might see some scars.

They've overcome pain
and life's bumps and bruises,
They know how to laugh,
and they don't make excuses.

They're just everyday people,
but what sets them apart
is how they treat others
and the LOVE in their heart.

The folks I admire
are folks just like you.
'cause the folks I admire
are folks God admires too.


Shona said...

Beautiful <3

OneCraftyFox said...

Fantastic poem!

Nitin said...

amazingly i am in exactly the same frame of mind that you wrote my current post with. do add me if you are there on FB or twitter. its a beautiful poem :)

Jo said...

That poem is so beautiful <3 I adore it! x

Vanessa said...

This is beautiful and I adore it. <3