Sunday, December 13, 2009

out the door, i'm gonna hit this city.

last night we went to a formal/cocktail christmas party.
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sarah, madi, me, whitney, and heather.

and we played in the snow a little bit.
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haha, it was a fun night. i really love this snow, even though its so freaking cold. and tonight i went over to whitney's to watch "snow day", because we watch it every year. its tradition. but... we couldn't find the movie anywhere. it vanished.

so, could someone please buy this for me? thanks :)
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madi. said...

hahaha snow day. i love winter.
elf is the number one classic though:)

adri. said...

elf is amazing :) but snow day is probably my number one classic. just because i've watched it every year for like 8 years :)