Monday, December 14, 2009

happy happy birthday quiddy dear.

his birthday was actually yesterday. but i forgot to say that in my last post. sooo...


we went out to eat for his birthday today, and the funniest thing happened. we're just sitting there eating and he started blowing pieces of paper out of his straw at me, of course. and one of the paperwads kind of went out of control and flew over to the table next to us, over their heads, and landed on the table next to that one. the people sitting there looked around and me and christopher ducked. so they probably thought it was my mom or dad. my mom was getting very pissed though. saying things like "you're 23 now christopher, i shouldn't have to tell you to stop!" :)

i love my family.

and yesterday i had to teach primary in church. the seven year olds. it was very, very interesting! everytime i tried to teach something, someone would either be trying to climb out the window, or trying to run out the door. so we played "hide the shoe" game the whole time. if i ever become a teacher, i'll have to teach high school or something. or kindergarteners. (i have no idea how to spell that)

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