Friday, May 4, 2007

Whats crackin! This is my first blog. I'd first like to say, its nice to see you. (hahahaha, bernice) So madi is sitting next to me and she gave me the idea of making a blog in the first place, so now you can read all my wondaful stories and hear all about my life! woot woot! So today i went to school, which was pretty lame but we hit a pinata outside and everyone in the other classes were SO jealous of us! lol funny! i took like millions of the candy on the ground lol jk but me and my friend felt bad for this girl that didnt get any so we gave her some hahaha. the rest of my day was pretty un-exciting....i never see the kid i like i think im going to move to peru. HAHA...that would be off the hizzy! jk i really want to go to like Paris or Hollywood or Australia or somewhere! that would be cool....and i know for a fact it will happen one day! :D well the madster came over tonight at like 7 or something and we walked over to brynnes in the freezing cold rain! and she was gone...tisk tisk that little witch ;) my mom is in england right now and so is my brothers (who madi finds very attractive) and i miss her! but my brother...uh...i guess i miss him! haha just joshin. well madi wants to show me the devils website. even though i KNOW its fake..she thinks im stupid and didnt hear her, courtney and nate talking about it at ice skating...but i know its fake! duh

well bye!!!!


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Madi said...

pretty awesome! bernice! Its nice to see you to! haha comment some of mine hehe