Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm not dead.

Just lazy. I've honestly spent this last entire month being a complete lazyhead. But I'm working my way out of it, I promise. Anyways, I came across a blog with probably one of the greatest posts I've ever read. It sums up exactly how I feel about life. I praise whoever wrote it.
There's the link, but if you don't feel like reading the whole thing then here is a summary of my favorite parts:
It all comes down to this: Your life is not a movie. Sometimes the bad guys will win. Sometimes you end the day no better than when you started it. You take your lumps and hope the next day will be an improvement. Nothing's guaranteed. Screenwriters create scripts with formulas that work because unlike life, the movies have to make sense. We don't have to make sense. We don't exist in movies, we exist in real life.

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Also, just a side note: I went to one of THE best concerts last night. Ever heard of Imagine Dragons? If not, for your happiness' sake you should look them up :)

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