Sunday, October 3, 2010

step one: build a time machine.

i really think i was meant to live in a different time era.
i was just thinking today, about how much i hate technology. why should we feel down on ourselves if we check our cell phone and don't have any new text messages? or if we get on facebook and don't have any updates?
sometimes, most the time, i think life would be so much better off without fancy things like texting, social networking sites, etc.
because when we check our phones and don't have "that special hello from that special someone" we automatically think they hate us. when really, they might just be busy and not have their phone. and when someone doesn't reply to your message that little part of your brain is overanalyzing everything and making up reasons for why that person doesn't want to talk to you.
i say "boo" to technology. let's go back in time.

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abby | ybba said...

awww i never blamed technology for feeling sad when i don't get messages from people. but you're so right. technology has got the most of us that people forget the better things in life like reading, going outside, baking, cooking, sewing etc...

Shona said...

I swear, if I wanted to like anything you've ever posted the most, I think it'd be this. I completely agree, and as much as I'd love to not use my phone or facebook half as much, everyone in the world depends on them now. I think we're all addicted you know. It's horrible.

Amen sister.