Monday, October 11, 2010

letter to the world.

dear world,
you are such a strange world. i have a love/hate relationship with you. i'm thankful for the wonderful neighborhood i grew up in, and the schools i went to, because that's how i was blessed with my best friends. i'm thankful for your different seasons in utah. and for all the beautiful countries that i want to visit someday. world, please stop judging people for their differences. not everyone is perfect, not everyone believes the same thing, but we're all human. or animal. and we all have good spirits deep down. please give everyone a chance. i'm disappointed in you sometimes, world, because of how people and animals get treated. let's be fair. but i know you have good intentions. sometimes we just seem to forget to think for ourselves, instead of listening to what everyone else has to say. all in all, i really do love you though, mr. world. let's make this a happy world.


Thyda said...

LOVE this! Can I sign my name also because I feel the same way?

<3 Thyda at

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

great post :)

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