Monday, September 13, 2010

good ol' monday.

boredom has overcome me while living in this hotel. i really just want my room back, and my dvd player, and the rest of my clothes. please hurry with our roof mr construction workers!
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although i have been bored, today was a good day. waking up and eating a delicious hotel breakfast, and then walking to school in perfect weather started the day off with a bang. i also realized today how much i love talking to random people. everyone is so different from each other.. and everyone deserves a "good morning," or a "how are you doing today?"Image and video hosting by TinyPic

going off on a tangent, can i just proclaim my love for little caesars? and chinchillas? i know that sounds a little random, but i promise i can explain. before going to get our pizza we stopped in a pet store and saw the cutest chinchillas ever! they are the softest creatures ever. i've always wanted to get one, so i think that i will. as long as the lanlord doesn't find out. :) haha.



tegan said...

oh chinchillas are the sweetest! i hope you manage to keep one :) and love the last picture! hope you keep having awesome days like that :] xo

7upkels said...

k we have to be friends. thursday night is little caesar night for me. haha we're totally meant to be twins.