Thursday, July 15, 2010

think about it.

you're a waiter/waitress at a restaurant. you ask the people you're serving what they want, and someone says "i'll have an Adri leg please."


"an Adri leg."

we only have chicken legs. is that okay?

"no.. i said an Adri leg."

if it's so horrible to ask for a human body part for dinner, why is it NOT horrible to ask for a chicken leg? hmm.
i'm not preaching. i'm just sayin.

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DT said...

well said... like d way u said , nice way to strike!

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against being vegetarian or vegan; from what it sounds like you are. But the difference between serving up a leg o'lamb and human kebabs is our unique brain structure.

But first lets look at the natural side of this. Do you think it is wrong for a cheetah to kill and eat an impala? Or more close to home, a cat digesting a mouse. Did that cat do anything wrong? Should we hold it up in prison for murder; have trial and relieve it through a firing squad? The answer is simple, no.

Because humans are omnivores, natural selection gives us every right to eat a chicken that nature gives a wolf too. But does that mean we should have bbq chicken every night? Of course not.

What I'm trying to say is that according to nature there is nothing wrong with eating meat. Where you stray is when you mix up the biological woe, of intertwining humans and animals. While most people believe animals are just as capable and unique as humans they could be no farther from the truth. One example is the fact that animals do not posses a 'Theory of Mind'. This makes them unable to recognize other entities to have different desires, intentions, beliefs, and mental states. I could go on but I think this is long enough already.

So just because a dog can keep you warm like a person can, or make you feel loved, doesn't mean they intentionally do it. Animals are far more inferior in many ways the mind is the big one though. That is why it is so horrible to ask for a human leg, but not a chicken wing.

adri said...

hmmm. i totally agree that an animals mind works different than a humans. which is why it's not even the same thing when a cat eats a mouse. humans have something a cat doesnt: a smart brain (well, most people, haha.) a human knows where an animal comes from, how it's killed, and then still eats it. a cat on the other hand will just see a mouse running along and catch it on instinct. in other words, its an act of nature. humans know better. i'm not saying i hate meat-eaters, i'm just saying it's exactly the same thing as asking for a human leg for dinner. just like a human feels pain, so does an animal.

OneCraftyFox said...

Cute!! Happy weekend, sweetie :)

Anonymous said...

Well... Instinct yes, oblivious no. Just because the cat has the urge, desire, and want for the mouse does not make it's knowledge of where the mouse came from dissipate. The cat, knows the mouse was running along side the floor board when it pounced on it. It doesn't recognize however that it's biological origins are the case for its' choice of attack to the neck. Which makes its' inferiority more apparent. But besides the point, the cat knows where the mouse came from, how it was killed, and then still eats it. Three behaviors you assumed were uniquely human. So would you eat an animal if you had no knowledge of where it came from, or how it was killed?

Like I said before it is just as natural for a human to eat a chicken as it is a wolf. We are omnivores. For me to walk outside and eat a plum off of my plum tree is as natural as my hunting obsessed cousin to shoot an elk and eat it.

Back to the original question, no it is not the same, asking for a chicken leg is incomparable towards acting as a cannibal.

BeccaKaryn said...

Adri, you are beautiful. (just wanted to let you know... ha) And I must say, getting to know you and to hear your opinions on this matter has definitely made me think, just like your title for this entry says. :) My dad owns a cattle farm, so we eat beef... a lot. And I must say that it is hard to enjoy a burger when you had seen it running around just a few days ago (seriously, it kinda makes me sick...) And I think vegetarianism actually is a great idea. Not only to keep our animal friends around, but it seems like it would be a healthy lifestyle... with the proper substitution of proteins of course. Love ya girl!! And I love your blog!! :)

adri said...

dear anonymous, you've obviously put a lot of thought into this, and i like that. i didn't post this to cause any arguments, i'm just simply stating what i think. i don't see the similarity in a cat chasing a mouse and a human hunting and elk. like i said, it's nature for a cat. for a human... it's just rude. our brains are definitely larger than a cats. i'm not trying to turn anyone vegetarian, i just had a lot of my mind that day and wanted to give people a different view. the way i look at it. ya know?

dear becca, that's exactly what turned me vegetarian haha. as soon as i found out where meat came from, and how animals were killed, that's when i chose to be a veghead. lots of people say it's unhealthy, but lots of people say it's way healthy! protein is super important so i have to make sure to get that in other ways. anyways, YOU are beautiful! thanks for being such a sweetheart :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha sorry if I seemed a little pushy, I just can't resist when a conflict arises! I'm actually mostly vegetarian with the exception of when my friends make me come along for Sizzler. I know that sounds like I don't have much self control, but I just think it's more important to just be a good friend and enjoy the night without making a fuss about what I can or cannot eat.

I have always just been the one to question everybody about their beliefs. Not because I am a hater and want to bring others down, but because I want people to question their own beliefs in order to refine and reassure them they are correct, or to make them see if they are just tricking their own brain into thinking something is good. "Always be weary of the one handed clap." Which means, in an argument there is always two sides. If you can't look at the clap from both sides, you don't have a very open mind. But I would say after reading your responses you are a very intelligent young lady and should be proud of what you stand for!

I echo Becca's love for your blog =)

Anonymous said...

Oh and sorry about being so mysterious with the Anonymous name! I don't have a blog or google or any other account that I could log onto. My name is Jay. And I am very happy I had the opportunity to argue with you! (in a humorous way of course) =)

adri said...

i totally get where you're coming from. lots of people will only look at their point of view in believing something and not be open minded to somebody else. i've considered everything you said, but i still mostly disagree haha. i'm glad to have had this discussion with you, and thank you for liking my blog jay! :) if you ever create one, let me know.