Monday, July 26, 2010

goodbye hometown.

hello new town.
i'm finally all settled into my new apartment. and let me tell you somethin.. even though it's only twenty minutes away from home, it feels so weird.
but it feels good.
raise your glasses to new things :)


7upkels said...

girl where did you move to?! i know what you mean about moving out for the first time. but don't worry - it's the best thing in the world (at least personally speaking) to really get away. congrats on the move!!! you have many exciting times ahead!

Valerie said...

Cheers to new adventures! How exciting! I hope you're settling in nicely. Great song, I love billy joel.


abby kihano said...

omg are you living on your own? that's so awesome ^_^ tell us more about it!

Vanessa said...

Congrats on moving out! How very exciting!!

The F Word Online said...

congrats to your own place ! its an exciting time, enjoy it !

xx lue

Shona said...

Good luck in your new life in your new home :)
I have missed your blog, again. On the frequent times I keep disappearing ha.