Wednesday, June 23, 2010

seeing isn't believing.

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that's the thing with magic.
you've got to know it's still here,
all around us,
or it just stays invisible for you.
- charles de lint.

believing is seeing.



i love your blog!
i couldnt see the picture but still i love what you wrote
the whole "believeing is seeing" thing is awesome.
the layout is way cute aswell! :)
i wish i wasnt so obessively simple sometimes LOL
thanks for your comment on my blog
and i'm glad i was able to help even if it was a teeny weeny tiny little bit :)
i just know what its like obsessing and crying and getting fucked up over something you excuse as love when it's really not LOL :) so glad that's over (ish)

nancyy (ctrl + ♥)

Vanessa said...

I adore this. A lot!

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