Monday, May 31, 2010

what is my problem?

Seriously. What is my problem?

We've hung out once. Once. Yet, I still freak out about you. I wish you would talk to me.

I wanna talk to you so bad.

How is it that you can hang out with somebody once and be stuck on them? I feel like a little girl crushing on a celebrity or something. It's quite ridiculous, haha. And I also feel like I am writing a diary entry. Which makes me seem like even more of a little girl. Maybe I should just stop typing as to not make things worse. Haha.

I promise I am nineteen, and not eleven.


Vanessa said...

Girl, if you wanna talk to him, what are you waiting for! Do it!!!

Nitin said...

haha.. this is fun.. :D..

Shona said...

"I promise I am nineteen and not eleven"
I know how you feel completely, although I'm seventeen. But still. I'm shockingly child like when it comes to boys, I don't think it ever changes sadly!

Have a beautiful rest of the week :)