Saturday, May 1, 2010

story-time saturday.

the other day i was thinking about the time when i almost died. well, okay, maybe i didn't almost die. but i definitely could've. i don't know?

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i remember being about 9 or 10 and playing on the neighbor's swingset. it used to be cool if you could climb up those fireman poles that you slide down, remember? so i was climbing up it, of course. to be cool. and when i reached the top... the pole came unlatched and started to tip, with me at the top. i was about twelve feet in the air about to fall flat on my back. then the girl i was playing with ran over and grabbed the pole and lifted it back up! now that i think about it, it's totally unreal how she could've lifted that (considering she was only about 13 or so). i slid down the pole and thanked her five hundred times. the sad part is, while i was thinking of this story i realized i don't even remember her name. but she is still a hero in my book.

who's got a sweet story?


Nitin said...

i wish i had something to say like that. i think the last time i did something nice was for this kid whose shoelaces got stuck in the escalator that was running. it was a really small kid . i guess 7 or 8. poor kid was terrified. and for me. my sis is my hero. she has saved me a million times.

Nitin said...

hey.. and add me up on FACEBOOK if you are there :D, keep in touch

Abby Kihano said...

if that was me, i would've freaked out! that girl sounds so unreal O_O but i totally believe it happened. what if she was your guardian angel in disguise?! pretty awesome!

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

You should have kept touch, she's probably off fighting crime in some big city right now and you could have totally been her sidekick!

Bad move on your part, but I'm glad you're still alive.