Sunday, March 7, 2010

some of my favorite f-my-life stories i read today:

  • today i found out my ex-boyfriend is getting engaged. he broke up with me five months ago because our relationship was too serious. FML
  • today i told my mom i was 3 months pregnant, expecting her to be happy. instead she screamed that i was no longer her daughter and she never wanted to see me again before throwing me out of her house, because i got pregnant out of wedlock. nice math mom. i've been married for 5 months. FML
  • today, while in bed, my nose became runny. being as tired as i was, i decided to ignore it until the morning. turns out it was a nose bleed and my pillow case is ruined. FML
  • today, i was perusing my mom's facebook. i noticed she has an album of pictures for each member of the family, except me. the dog has an album. FML

haha. and i just spent an hour and a half of my time on this website when i should've been doing homework.


Shona said...

FML stories are absolutely amazing :) love the one on the family dog getting a photo album!

Vanessa said...

Bahaha these are hilarious. I also love reading MLIA (my life is average). If you have HW to do, don't look it up, it'll consume hours of your time.

Jonesy said...

Great post!!!

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OneCraftyFox said...

Ha ha ha, that was awesome.