Sunday, January 10, 2010

reminisce on memories.

a few nights ago, madi and i were looking through one of my drawers filled with lots of old stuff. after reading my old song book (full of super lame, funny songs), we found some freaking funny pictures!

me and manellerd in fifth grade.
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some were actually really cool. like this one from the top of the space needle.
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and this one i took of a pug my brothers found forrrrever ago.
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isn't it so fun to look back on old photos?


Madi Rose said...

oh em gee. adri it gives me chills i love it so much!! :) we need to go buy a pug.

haha and of course your rock out photo.

adri. said...

we'll get one when we move out! :) we'll get your pug, and my pig. hahaha.

DT said...

thanks for commenting on my blog....
it makes me happy to know that you like it :)

Abby Kihano said...

awww reminiscing is so much fun isn't it? i love looking through old pictures too. the good old dorky days! lol.

your pictures are so cute!

also, thank you for the comment! i can definitely say that i didn't know what to do on my first slow dance... i mean... i did step on him a couple of time. isn't that funny?

tegan said...

yes - definitely! hey, just realised you commented on my blog a little while back, so thanks, I'm gonna follow you :) xo

kELLO! said...

ah that pug is so stinkin cute. i can't WAIT to get one :)