Wednesday, January 6, 2010

first day of school, first day of school!

today was my first day of college. oh gosh, i was terrified. it reminded me of my first day of high school. but worse.

differences between college and high school:
1) college campus is probably 50 times bigger than my high school campus was.
2) in high school i didn't have to take a bus to get from my first class to my second class.
3) in high school if you see a cute guy, you just talk to him. in college if you see a cute guy, you go to talk to him and then see a wedding ring on his finger.
4) college books are 100 times more expensive than high school books.
5) most college teachers don't care if you're there on time.

all in all; it was a confusing day, but i am looking forward to this fresh new start.


buttons said...

woo! first day of school! hahaha yes...every guy there is married!

Madi Rose said...

first day of schoool... first day of school... first day of schooool...first day of schoool.. first day of school.. first day of school...