Sunday, December 27, 2009

wow its been a few days. just been busy in all the events of christmas! but christmas was goooood.

i got my new camera :) and i've been taking pictures like craaaazy.

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santa also delivered a wonderful snuggie to my house. (and yes, its everything the commercial said it would be) haha.

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ren even got a present. but he sure doesn't deserve it! sheesh haha. what a booger.


buttons said...

Pah! why does he get so mad when he's eating treats??

adri. said...

well.. simply because he's a jerk! :)

janis said...

hey! thanks for your sweet comment. it was very kind!

love the snuggie. i got something similar for christmas, it's this weird 3 in 1 blanket, throw, wrap thing...i'll have to post a picture of it. in any case, i'll never be cold again!