Thursday, December 31, 2009

looking back at 2009, i really am not gonna miss it all that much. i mean, i had some really good moments this year. and i don't mean to sound like a debbie downer or a negative nelly, but this was not my favorite of years. i would like to list some great times i had this year though :)

sunshine tournament.
festival of colors.
school dances.
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saying goooodbye to high school drama. (aka, graduation)
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wii nights.
fiesta days.
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stadium of fire.
harry potter & new moon.
days at the rez.
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amazing halloween dance party.
80's/70's parties.
seeing all these wonderful musicians in concert: benton paul, 3oh!3 (twice), the maine, family force five, hit the lights, a rocket to the moon, britney spears, the pussycat dolls, friday night boys (twice), hey monday, this providence, the bigger lights, stereo skyline (twice), boys like girls, nevershoutnever, the ready set, push play, cobra starship, big d and the kids table, less than jake, forever the sickest kids, all time low, every avenue (twice), you me at six (twice), mayday parade, the academy is, the secret handshake, the white tie affair, runner runner, rooney, tally hall, the crash kings, and jonas.
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most importantly, i'd like to look at this year as a year of realizing who my true friends are. maybe 2009 was a test. maybe i was being tested into knowing what people i should keep in my life, and what people aren't worth my time. maybe this was the year that i could finally understand what being a true friend means.

all in all, i've learned lots of new things this year. and my mind has been opened a lot, through good and bad times. and i wish you all the best of luck in 2010!

peace out 2009.


Madi Rose said...

love this post :)

love you like a wizard loves a wand!

mart and lu said...

oh have done so much this past year! i hope you have a lovely new year. happy 2010!